Freeride videos (outings)


TWGR [Mont-Blanc] Couloir de la face Nord de Chaborgne

Couloir Nord de la face Nord de Chaborgne (February 2019)

Back in Armancette area with Laurent Bibollet to ride a beautiful couloir in the North face of Chaborgne.

Really good snow conditions to ride this steep and exposed line.


TWGR [Aravis] Bellacha

Combe de Bellacha (January 2019)

Freeride outing in France at La Clusaz resort. The Combe de Bellacha is easy accessible by walking from the resort lift.

I went splitboarding many times in the adjacent valleys (Tardevant, Paccaly, Grand-Crêt, ...) but that was my first time in Bellacha.


TWGR [Haut Giffre] Pointe de la Terrasse

Pointe de la Terrasse (January 2019)

Splitboard outing in France to Pointe de la Terrasse. Always a pleasure to come back in this area, not to crowdy and often offering good snow conditions...

It was also a good opportunity to test my new 360 camera!


TWGR [Mont-Blanc] Pointe de Chaborgne couloir N

Pointe de Chaborgne Couloir N (January 2019)

Splitboard outing in France to Pointe de Chaborgne. First time in this beautiful area plenty of amazing couloirs.

We hiked up to Pointe de Chaborgne and rode the North couloir which is the traditional route for this summit. Snow conditions were not too good but the sector is amazing and worth to explore!


TWGR [Alpes Grées] Mt Colmet

Mt Colmet (February 2018)

Splitboard outing in Italy to Mt Colmet. A very cold day with beautiful conditions. We hiked up and went down by the normal route via Lago di Pietra Rossa.

That was not my first time in the area and that was memorable again...