Freeride videos (outings)


TWGR [Aravis] Combaz chute

Outing to L'Etale in the Aravis.

I hiked from Aravis pass in the Marion valley and then reached the bottom of Combaz chute crossing the Blonnière valley.

Some rocks in the middle of the chute made the ascent a bit difficult...

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TWGR [Grand-Massif] Couloir aux Poubelles

An outing to Flaine [Grand-Massif] for the last day of 2012.

After having hiked from the top of Grand Vans lift to the "Pointe de Véret", riding the famous "Couloir aux Poubelles" was a good way to finish the year...


TWGR [Grand-Massif] Véret Valley

Another amazing outing in [Grand-Massif] before the opening of the resort.

We hiked to Tête de Véret from Vernant parking starting early in the morning. The Véret Valley was plenty of white gold...

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TWGR [Aravis] 3 small chutes

Beautiful day in the [Aravis] next to La Clusaz.

We hiked to Col de Paré de Joux in the Grand Crêt valley from Les Confins to ride some chutes...

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TWGR [Grand-Massif] Tree spot part 1

Splitboarding somewhere at Grand-Massif between Flaine and Les Carroz...

The fourth outing of the season is without sun but plenty of snow and trees. Riding on the bad side of the river after having hiked in the's coming soon.