TWGR [Swiss Alps] Tsena Réfien

Tsena Réfien (May 2020)

It was my first time in Arolla. This beautiful place is the perfect base for spring touring outings in the Swiss Alps. 

The Tsena Réfien mountain is quickly accessible from Arolla and offers many amazing lines. We had a really nice run on the north face with Flavio and Stefan.


TWGR [Swiss Alps] Fletschhorn "Oxygen"

Fletschhorn "Oxygen" (May 2020)

This beautiful couloir in the East face of Fletschhorn was a nice way to discover Simplon area.

Good snow and impressive surroundings, a memorable day with Flavio and the right opportunity to breath "Oxygen" in this weird pandemic context...


TWGR [Swiss Alps] Col de la Tsa

Col de la Tsa (April 2020)

We were initially supposed to go to Arolla but we had to change our plan and improvise something...

After a few hesitations we decided to park the car at Ferpècle and we explored the beautiful valley of the "Mont Miné" glacier. We stopped just over the "Col de la Tsa" because it was already late... we enjoyed the descent in a very old but quite good powder in the gaze of the impressive "Mont Miné" glacier.


TWGR [Alpes Grées] Ricordati di vivere

Ricordati di Vivere (April 2019)

It was a long time I didn't go back to this place... I can see this beautiful couloir from our little house in Val Aosta, it is just on the opposite valley. A beautiful line which starts just under Tête des Vieux summit.

I had to walk half the way because there wasn't snow anymore under 2000 meters. It was such a pleasure to cross the lovely village of Chanton before meeting again the majestic Tête des Vieux.