TWGR [Haut Giffre] Back to Cornes de Loriaz

I came back to the Haut Giffre range to ride again the Cornes de Loriaz chute. This time there already were some tracks and it was a lot easier to climb.

It was worth coming back... I finally reached the top of this beautiful face and the view on the Mont Buet was amazing.


TWGR [Haut Giffre] Cornes de Loriaz

Since I made the previous outing to Pointe de la Terrasse and I saw this amazing chute of Cornes de Loriaz, I was looking forward going back to this sector to finally ride this North oriented chute.

The snow was really deep and the ascent was more swimming than climbing. We stopped 50m under the pass... too late and too tired to reach the top of the chute.

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TWGR [Haut Giffre] Pointe de la Terrasse

Splitboard outing in the [Haut-Giffre] range starting to hike from the village of Le Buet (Haute-Savoie) next to the swiss border.

The objective was to ride the North East chute of Pointe de la Terrasse (2700m).

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TWGR [Aravis] Combaz chute

Outing to L'Etale in the Aravis.

I hiked from Aravis pass in the Marion valley and then reached the bottom of Combaz chute crossing the Blonnière valley.

Some rocks in the middle of the chute made the ascent a bit difficult...

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