TWGR Some Trees

Splitboard outing in a magic forest...


TWGR [Valgrisenche] Punta Feluma

March 2016 splitboard outing to Punta Feluma in Italy Valgrisenche with a total of 1500m vertical ascent.

That was not the first time we went out in the beautiful area of Valgrisenche. Last spring we explored Sigaro di Cussuna and Mont Forciaz which are on the same side but further. Punta Feluma is a more direct destination and is therefore better for snowboarding as there is no flat part.

Feluma offered breathtaking view and delightful snow, a wonderful day.


TWGR [Haut-Giffre] Cornes de Loriaz NE

February 2016 splitboard outing to Cornes de Loriaz in the Haut-Giffre Aiguilles Rouges range with a total of 1400m vertical ascent to ride again this beautiful NE face.

The couloir had well purged but some parts were really deep, especially the top part which made the end of the ascent athletic...

Snow was really good excepting some icy parts which required attention. End of the run in the trees is always a pleasure...


TWGR [Aravis] Pointe d'Areu Couloir W

January 2016 splitboard outing to Couloir West of Pointe d'Areu in the Aravis range with a total of 1400m vertical ascent to ride a beautiful and impressive couloir.

We started the ascent from Brion, next to Romme at around 8 o'clock but we reached the bottom of the couloir only after midday because of a route mistake...

The couloir is short (250m) and the ascent was not so difficult. However when going down it requires concentration...