TWGR [Haut-Giffre] Aiguille de Loriaz NE

Splitboard outing in Haut-Giffre mountain range to North-East couloir of Aiguille de Loriaz.

The bottom of the couloir is just next to the one of Cornes de Loriaz. It ends up between cliffs located 150m on the right. The top of the couloir is rider's left of Aiguille de Loriaz at around 2700m.

Beautiful couloir offering awesome ambiance.


TWGR [Alpes Grées] Mt Colmet NE

Splitboard outing to North-East face of Mt Colmet in Italy.

We started the ascent from Arpy 1682m. The last snowfall brought 10cm of cold fresh snow at the bottom which makes the ascent in the forest really pleasant. The area of Arpy lake is purely beautiful!

The east-north-east slopes above the lake were covered with 20-30cm of cold powder snow and my friend Benoît made the track. Thanks to the quality of the snow we were able to skin almost to the top of the north-east face of Mt Colmet and we only walked for the last 50-75m of ascent. One of the best run of 2016 season!


TWGR [Alpes Grées] Tête des Vieux NE

Splitboard outing to North-East Couloir of Tête des Vieux in Italy.

We started the ascent from Elevaz 1300m. As there wasn't much snow we decided to take the summer way to Mt Crammont. After one hour walk we started skinning just before the small village of Chanton.

Beautiful surrounding but unfortunately it became cloudy...

After 5 hours of effort and 1580m of vertical ascent we reached the top of the North East couloir. Rider's right side of the chute was a mix of powder and icy snow, very good conditions to test my new splitboard.


TWGR [Chablais] Bel Oiseau ENE

Splitboard outing to East-North-East Couloir of Bel Oiseau in Chablais area.

We started the ascent from Finhaut 1300m and reached the Bel Oiseau pass before joining the entry of ENE couloir through the ridge. There were already four or five tracks in the NE couloir but only two in our target ENE line.

We decided to start the run from the alternative entry because the cornice seemed a bit dangerous. Delightful snow excepting some icy surprises...