TWGR [Alpes Grées] Ricordati di vivere

Ricordati di Vivere (April 2019)

It was a long time I didn't go back to this place... I can see this beautiful couloir from our little house in Val Aosta, it is just on the opposite valley. A beautiful line which starts just under Tête des Vieux summit.

I had to walk half the way because there wasn't snow anymore under 2000 meters. It was such a pleasure to cross the lovely village of Chanton before meeting again the majestic Tête des Vieux.


TWGR [Alpes Grées] Back in the Garden

Back in the Garden (April 2019)

Back in my favourite italian garden. I hiked up the Mt Colmet many times but this one was the first time by the ridge route.

The North face was in exceptional conditions... amazing sluffy powder!


TWGR [Val de Rhême] Entrelor

Cime d'Entrelor (March 2019)

Splitboard outing in Val de Rhême (Italy) to Cime d'Entrelor. One of the most classic route in Val de Rhême. A wild area with breathtaking views.

The snow was unfortunately too affected by the wind.


TWGR [Mont-Blanc] Bérangère W

Couloir W de l'Aiguille de la Bérangère (February 2019)

Armancette again... this time to hike and ride the couloir W of Aiguille de la Bérangère which is a classic one in the area.

A long and esthetic line for which we had luck to get really good snow conditions.