TWGR [Valgrisenche] Grande Sassière

Grande Sassière (February 2021)

A memorable week-end with Flavio, Roberta, Francesco, Pietro and Stefano.

We slept at Rifugio Bezzi to start early the approach of this beautiful mountain standing at the border between italian Valgrisenche and french Tarentaise. The Grand Sassière North East face was in very good and stable snow condition. Another beautiful day in the mountains.


TWGR [Mont-Blanc] Couloir Bonatti

Couloir Bonatti (February 2021)

It's a long wa to the top... if you wanna Rock'n Roll.

The Couloir Bonatti or Couloir du Petit Mont-Blanc must be earned... even with the help of a snowmobile taxi for the first 2km...

It was the second time I put my snowboard in Miage area and it was again a breathtaking experience! Thanks to Flavio, Roberta and Stefano for this amazing day.


TWGR [Valpelline] Becca di Acquelou Ouest

Becca di Acquelou Couloir Ouest (February 2021)

Into the Wild Valpelline with italian friends... a long way rewarded by the discovery of a beautiful valley plenty of White Gold.

Thanks to Flavio having welcomed me in this Paradise.


TWGR [Swiss Alps] Weisshorn East

Weisshorn East Face (May 2020)

Waking up at midnight to start walking under star on the Brunegggletscher...looking at the sunrise climbing the East face of his Majesty the Weisshorn...

I didn't reach the summit...I stopped at 9 o clock at 4200m next to the big Seracs that look like Guardians.

It was such a privilege to ride this beautiful face... with my friend Flavio who rode it from the summit with Stefan, Mathias & Lucas.