Flaine - Tête de Véret

Flaine outing


Outing date: 2012-12-19

Altitude of access point: 1747m

Maximum altitude: 2309m

Elevation gain/loss: +562m >> -659m >> +558m >> -461m

Snow depth at 1750m: 90cm with 40cm of dry powder snow

Snow depth at 2300m: 150cm with 50cm of dry powder snow

Weather: sunny

Departure/arrival time: 9:00/15:30



Early wake up for this outing to Tête de Véret in Flaine (Grand-Massif Haute-Savoie)... we left Geneva at 6:00 AM and arrived at parking of Vernant around 7:15. Vernant sector was still closed. The resort was planning to open Vernant access only at the end of the week and that would let us a lot of untracked powder. We started to hike at 7:30 with my friend Andrew. Colours were beautiful... it was simply magic.

Flaine outing

We quickly reached the Col de Vernant.

Flaine outing

Light was licking the summits...

Flaine outing Flaine outing

...beautiful but we were not at the summit and it was so cold...

Flaine outing Flaine outing

...arriving at the Col des Grands Vans the sun was waiting for us.

Flaine outing

We were not far from our objective...

Flaine outing Flaine outing

...the ghost lift... and the powder of the Véret valley.

Flaine outing Flaine outing

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