Les Carroz - Tête des Saix

Flaine outing


Outing date: 2012-12-08

Altitude of access point: 1749m (top of Kédeuze lift)

Maximum altitude: 2120m

Elevation gain/loss: +371m >> -980m

Snow depth at 1100m: 80cm with 40cm of dry powder snow

Snow depth at 1700m: 120cm with 60cm of dry powder snow

Snow depth at 2100m: 150cm with 60cm of dry powder snow

Weather: fog and snowfall

Departure/arrival time: 9:00/15:00



For the second outing of the season my friend Andrew and me decided to drive to Les Carroz resort which is part of the Grand-Massif in Haute-Savoie. The resort opened one lift on this Saturday, the "Télécabine de la Kédeuze" which starts from 1100m and goes up to 1749m. We were ready at 9:00 for the opening of the lift and we made a few runs in the powder just below the Kédeuze lift in the trees. The snow was unbelievable.

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After 3 runs it was time to leave this place as it was becoming a bit too crowded for us...

The plan was to reach the "Tête des Saix". Then we would be able to ride one of the best trees spot of the resort. As the visibility was bad (fog and snowfall) it would certainly be a good option. 

Flaine outing Flaine outing

The first part of the way was not so difficult because a cat had made a track the day before. However the second part was a bit more tiring and we had some difficulties finding our way...

Flaine outing Flaine outing

We finally reached the "Tête des Saix" and stopped next to the closed lift to have our lunch.

Flaine outing Flaine outing

Then we had a well-deserved amazing ride...60cm of perfect dry powder snow to play between the trees. There was sufficient snow on the road to ride until the village to go back to the car. It was funny to see facial expression of some drivers seeing us riding on the road...

Flaine outing Flaine outing

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